Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission impossible - Rogue nation (2015) - Christopher McQuarrie

Mission impossible - Rogue nation - 2015 - (US)

I watched this movie more for the fact that I watched the previous ones of the same series than anything else. I actually liked it, I admit. It's a spy movie: full of action, play twists, cute cast and suspense. Not bad at all. 
I can't personally stand Tom Cruise smile, but he's acting it's not bad at all I must say. Some difficult to believe scenes are present, but they're not too disturbing and the movie flows pretty well. It's a spy movie so we know that the bad guy dies, or its caught, so no surprise on that side, but, as every good spy movie, a lot of almost-unbelievable technology gadgets are making their way in the interest of who's watching. The fun part balances the action and in the end it's a good movie. 

My vote 3.5 

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