Sunday, August 30, 2015

Eat With Me - 2014

Eat With Me - 2014 (US)

I have a soft spot for gay movies and men from Asia so I watched this one. 
The movie is nice and it tries to deliver situation like divorce, coming out, family life for a Chinese group of people/family. 
It seems to me a bit unreal and not very deep, but I liked the rhythm of the movie and the showing of old dynamic breaking up and transform. 
There are a lot of references to food and this is something I personally love in a movie, but the whole structure is a bit weak in my opinion. I think the director wanted to show too many things and this went against the deep approach on the characters’ psychology. 
Some situation seem too easy or shallow like the restaurant that is behind the payments and gets almost closed and the only new idea is provide dumplings. Or that the food of the restaurant is so bad that just few customers are coming. I'm expecting that if you know that (and every other character tells the main one that his food sucks) you do something to change it. Or the fact that the main character comes out to his mom leaving magazines on the ottoman in the living room. It's not clear if he makes this on purpose, as I think it's the correct interpretation of it, or if he's just lazy in every part of his life. 
Very nice the interactions between the mom and the neighbour. That is the part I liked more together with the cameo of George Takei that is powerful.

I just noticed that this was a crowd-funding project. I appreciate this. 

My vote 3 out of 5 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Apollo 13 (1995) - Ron Howard

APOLLO 13 - 1995 (US)

I watched this movie at the theatre as they played it for the 20th anniversary.
The story flows very well and the reconstruction of the location and the fashion of the late 60s is amazing. I love the dresses and the make up they put back for this movie. Everything seems really  back in time.
Great insight of the mission and of what went on this incident.
The story seems barely believable, but it comes from a true story so it's good that they made it. The team work showed in the movie is great and allowed the astronauts to come back home.

There is a very good thing about this movie: it passes very well the concept that nonetheless something seems to be bad it always comes with good things in it. This is a great message for he audience.
The cast is pretty good and the stress level they give you is amazing. I'm sure that there are many things not from the true story or that are changed from the real events, but it was pretty good see this plot on the screen. It was great seeing the wife's part of the situation and their relationship with the press.

The movie is a mix of emotions, action and American attitude. It's a good movie that makes 2.20 hours passing very fast.

my vote 4/5

Constantine (2005) - Francis Lawrence

Constantine - 2005 (US-DE)

I watched the BDof this movie and I watched it at the theatres when it was out. I didn't read the comic so I am not able to be disappointed by any possible deviations from the comic story telling. 
The movie talks about this human man, Constantine, that has the ability to see daemons since he's young. It's very nice that the plot line talks about growing up different and be considered crazy. But most of all I like the part that shows that when you grow up different you have to discover how to manage your gifts yourself without having a guide for it. This is very good and I think it has been examined her well in the movie. The movie is the usual war good vs evil with a taste of grudge and delusion. Not a bad idea. The idea of balance between good and evil is God and believable and interesting. 
There are great special effects that are a complement of the story and not the main part of it. 
Great cast: Tild Swindon playing the archangel Gabriel is super be as well as Keanu Reeves as main character. Interesting the view of the hell that is deliver in the movie. 
I liked this love. An interesting story about good and evil (more than good vs evil) and about being different. 

My vote 4/5 

Mission impossible - Rogue nation (2015) - Christopher McQuarrie

Mission impossible - Rogue nation - 2015 - (US)

I watched this movie more for the fact that I watched the previous ones of the same series than anything else. I actually liked it, I admit. It's a spy movie: full of action, play twists, cute cast and suspense. Not bad at all. 
I can't personally stand Tom Cruise smile, but he's acting it's not bad at all I must say. Some difficult to believe scenes are present, but they're not too disturbing and the movie flows pretty well. It's a spy movie so we know that the bad guy dies, or its caught, so no surprise on that side, but, as every good spy movie, a lot of almost-unbelievable technology gadgets are making their way in the interest of who's watching. The fun part balances the action and in the end it's a good movie. 

My vote 3.5