Friday, July 24, 2015

Ant-Man (2015) - Peyton Reed

Ant-Man - 2015 (US)

Another marvel universe movie!
good casting, great rhythm, many laughs.
this marvel movie, like guardian of the Galaxy, will make you laugh. Nice balance between action, laughs and superpowers. 

it's a nice movie to watch and the two hours of it are passing pretty well.
it's a marvel movie, but it's nice to see it (I did in 3D that is good on this).
I liked how they built the relationship between the smart scientist and the (smart) thief. The dynamic relationship between the scientist's daughter and the main character is pretty interesting and also pretty granted. The special effects are good and the evil guys are pretty good as well. Good choice of Corey Stoll as enemy as well as Evangeline Lilly plays a great uptight beautiful girl as the scientist's daughter. Paul Rudd is a perfect main character for this plot and I don't want to say anything about Michael Douglas who plays the role that is pretty central in this movie stealing the attention from Paul Rudd in most of the scenes.

my note: 4/10

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