Monday, August 10, 2015

Apollo 13 (1995) - Ron Howard

APOLLO 13 - 1995 (US)

I watched this movie at the theatre as they played it for the 20th anniversary.
The story flows very well and the reconstruction of the location and the fashion of the late 60s is amazing. I love the dresses and the make up they put back for this movie. Everything seems really  back in time.
Great insight of the mission and of what went on this incident.
The story seems barely believable, but it comes from a true story so it's good that they made it. The team work showed in the movie is great and allowed the astronauts to come back home.

There is a very good thing about this movie: it passes very well the concept that nonetheless something seems to be bad it always comes with good things in it. This is a great message for he audience.
The cast is pretty good and the stress level they give you is amazing. I'm sure that there are many things not from the true story or that are changed from the real events, but it was pretty good see this plot on the screen. It was great seeing the wife's part of the situation and their relationship with the press.

The movie is a mix of emotions, action and American attitude. It's a good movie that makes 2.20 hours passing very fast.

my vote 4/5

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