Friday, July 24, 2015

Ant-Man (2015) - Peyton Reed

Ant-Man - 2015 (US)

Another marvel universe movie!
good casting, great rhythm, many laughs.
this marvel movie, like guardian of the Galaxy, will make you laugh. Nice balance between action, laughs and superpowers. 

it's a nice movie to watch and the two hours of it are passing pretty well.
it's a marvel movie, but it's nice to see it (I did in 3D that is good on this).
I liked how they built the relationship between the smart scientist and the (smart) thief. The dynamic relationship between the scientist's daughter and the main character is pretty interesting and also pretty granted. The special effects are good and the evil guys are pretty good as well. Good choice of Corey Stoll as enemy as well as Evangeline Lilly plays a great uptight beautiful girl as the scientist's daughter. Paul Rudd is a perfect main character for this plot and I don't want to say anything about Michael Douglas who plays the role that is pretty central in this movie stealing the attention from Paul Rudd in most of the scenes.

my note: 4/10

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Birdman (2014) - Alejandro González Iñárritu

BIRDMAN - 2014 (US)

I heard good things about this movie so I ended up buying the DVD even if I didn't see the movie.
Very good thing! The movie is amazing.
For the whole movie you can follow the unstoppable movement of emotions and thoughts by the constant motion of the images on the screen (it's not a standy cam by the way).

Drama, tragedy, regret, passion are all ingredients of this very entertaining movie.

The cast is amazing. Some mentions: Michael Keaton is superb, Edward Norton is insanely crazy and amazing, Emma Stone is a great crazy daughter, Amy Ryan is a superb loving/hating ex-wife and mother, and many others are great on this movie.

I watched this movie and I didn't know if I was watching what was happening in the main character's mind or if this was a supernatural movie. In the end it's a great story about this old, pretty famous,  actor and the kind of madness that is inside and outside him.
The big part of the movie relies on the interactions between the various characters. The director made their personalities and their madness and complicated minds interacting in a very passionate way. The line between real and unreal is crossed many times. The main focus of this movie for me was the relation between the past and the present. The one face that we have when we "act"/live in the everyday life and the one naked we have with our strong side and our weaknesses.
Amazing are the interactions of the main characters with the people on the street, outside their natural place that is inside the theatre.
Interesting is the talking about art between the main character and the critic in the bar.

One mention of a line of the movie that I really liked: "you know, just because I didn't like that ridiculous comedy you did with Goldie Hawn did not mean I did not love you. That's what you always do. You confuse love for admiration."

What I liked most of the movie? Its rhythm and the fact that the core is on the (well done) acting.
What I disliked? I don't have enough knowledge to catch all the quotes related to the plot.

my vote: 4/5

note: I'm delighted to watch movie that rely more on acting than action or special effects

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Snowpiercer (2013) - Joon-ho Bong

Snowpiercer - 2013 (KR)

I watched this movie that was on my list for a while. I read good reviews of it and that made me curious.

***spoiler alert***

The movie is cruel and hard to watch for most of it. This is done pretty well. The whole movie is the symbol of a humanity that is not human anymore. The class system seems closed and the upper classes are using the lower ones for their purposes. The empathy and the compassion are not in the picture anymore. The train is the representation of the while humanity that knotholes is on the edge of extinction keeps using and killing each other instead of trying to save as much as possible. 
I think that the author of the story represented very well the craziness of the human mind. 
The movie also plays, exactly as “The Matrix”, with the idea that what it seems is different that what the reality is. A game of illusions and betrayal that unveils towards the end with unforeseen results. 
This movie can be seen in a very various way and layers and it’s very interesting. It has a graphic part, an action part and a philosophical one. 
I also really appreciate that the movie shows that anyone can be at every level from good to cruel just depending on the situation he or she is in and that being bad is not really tied to a personality, but more to situation and survival. This is a very strong point and this movie shows it very well. The corruption of power, the urge of basic needs fulfilled, the blind routine that makes cruel over every limit. All sustained with very good intellectual thesis. 

Some parts of the plot did not completely convinced me (there are logical gaps like the reason for some of the people for being murdered) but these are minor issues that don’t make the plot crashing. 

The cast is amazing: Ed Harris, Tilda Swinton (who I really love!), John Hurt, Chris Evans just for the top of the cast. They are a great casting for this movie. Every one of them gives a great personality to his or her character. 

One last thing I loved in this movie is the fact that it leaves us with questions (unanswered/ready for interpretation) more that “and they lived happily ever after”.

My vote: 4.5/5

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Maybe, I'll come home in the Spring (1971) - Joseph Sargent

Maybe, I'll come home in the Spring - 1971 (US)

I start my first post about a movie with an old old movie form the 70s that came back to my mind recently.

In the 1971 the movie "Maybe, I'll come home in the Spring" was aired in Italy as "Tornero' a primavera". As usual in Italy the title meaning changes even, like this time, if not too much.

I remember watching this movie as a kid after a neighbour's suggestion.
In my memory this was a movie about drug use/abuse and sisters.
It was very interesting watching this again today.
My big surprise is that this movie is not about drugs, but about family and society.
Nonetheless it has some flaws, like the fact that we don't really know why the main character (an amazing Sally Field as Dennie) left and got back, the movie is interesting. There is a critic of the US middle class of the 70s all oriented to have a public image of themselves and ignoring the rest.
I would have preferred seeing more things from Dennie's point of view: we have just the comparisons of her past memories and the present situations.
Considering that this movie was made in the 70s, I think it is a good one that tries to upset some of the wealthy middle class in the USA of its time.

It was nice for me see the old furniture of Dennie's house and the great dresses of the 70s.

It was nice watching it with my today's eyes.
My vote is 3.5/5

Shall we begin?

New Blog, yeah!

I will put in this blog the movies I watch and my comments on them.
I'm just a guy who loves movies and who likes to share his opinion. Please don't take this blog as a critic's site.

I hope I will be consistent with the publication of my posts and, slowly, I will put more of the stuff I watched in the past, at least the most exciting moves I watched already.

Let's start then.