Monday, August 10, 2015

Constantine (2005) - Francis Lawrence

Constantine - 2005 (US-DE)

I watched the BDof this movie and I watched it at the theatres when it was out. I didn't read the comic so I am not able to be disappointed by any possible deviations from the comic story telling. 
The movie talks about this human man, Constantine, that has the ability to see daemons since he's young. It's very nice that the plot line talks about growing up different and be considered crazy. But most of all I like the part that shows that when you grow up different you have to discover how to manage your gifts yourself without having a guide for it. This is very good and I think it has been examined her well in the movie. The movie is the usual war good vs evil with a taste of grudge and delusion. Not a bad idea. The idea of balance between good and evil is God and believable and interesting. 
There are great special effects that are a complement of the story and not the main part of it. 
Great cast: Tild Swindon playing the archangel Gabriel is super be as well as Keanu Reeves as main character. Interesting the view of the hell that is deliver in the movie. 
I liked this love. An interesting story about good and evil (more than good vs evil) and about being different. 

My vote 4/5 

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