Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Birdman (2014) - Alejandro González Iñárritu

BIRDMAN - 2014 (US)

I heard good things about this movie so I ended up buying the DVD even if I didn't see the movie.
Very good thing! The movie is amazing.
For the whole movie you can follow the unstoppable movement of emotions and thoughts by the constant motion of the images on the screen (it's not a standy cam by the way).

Drama, tragedy, regret, passion are all ingredients of this very entertaining movie.

The cast is amazing. Some mentions: Michael Keaton is superb, Edward Norton is insanely crazy and amazing, Emma Stone is a great crazy daughter, Amy Ryan is a superb loving/hating ex-wife and mother, and many others are great on this movie.

I watched this movie and I didn't know if I was watching what was happening in the main character's mind or if this was a supernatural movie. In the end it's a great story about this old, pretty famous,  actor and the kind of madness that is inside and outside him.
The big part of the movie relies on the interactions between the various characters. The director made their personalities and their madness and complicated minds interacting in a very passionate way. The line between real and unreal is crossed many times. The main focus of this movie for me was the relation between the past and the present. The one face that we have when we "act"/live in the everyday life and the one naked we have with our strong side and our weaknesses.
Amazing are the interactions of the main characters with the people on the street, outside their natural place that is inside the theatre.
Interesting is the talking about art between the main character and the critic in the bar.

One mention of a line of the movie that I really liked: "you know, just because I didn't like that ridiculous comedy you did with Goldie Hawn did not mean I did not love you. That's what you always do. You confuse love for admiration."

What I liked most of the movie? Its rhythm and the fact that the core is on the (well done) acting.
What I disliked? I don't have enough knowledge to catch all the quotes related to the plot.

my vote: 4/5

note: I'm delighted to watch movie that rely more on acting than action or special effects

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