Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Snowpiercer (2013) - Joon-ho Bong

Snowpiercer - 2013 (KR)

I watched this movie that was on my list for a while. I read good reviews of it and that made me curious.

***spoiler alert***

The movie is cruel and hard to watch for most of it. This is done pretty well. The whole movie is the symbol of a humanity that is not human anymore. The class system seems closed and the upper classes are using the lower ones for their purposes. The empathy and the compassion are not in the picture anymore. The train is the representation of the while humanity that knotholes is on the edge of extinction keeps using and killing each other instead of trying to save as much as possible. 
I think that the author of the story represented very well the craziness of the human mind. 
The movie also plays, exactly as “The Matrix”, with the idea that what it seems is different that what the reality is. A game of illusions and betrayal that unveils towards the end with unforeseen results. 
This movie can be seen in a very various way and layers and it’s very interesting. It has a graphic part, an action part and a philosophical one. 
I also really appreciate that the movie shows that anyone can be at every level from good to cruel just depending on the situation he or she is in and that being bad is not really tied to a personality, but more to situation and survival. This is a very strong point and this movie shows it very well. The corruption of power, the urge of basic needs fulfilled, the blind routine that makes cruel over every limit. All sustained with very good intellectual thesis. 

Some parts of the plot did not completely convinced me (there are logical gaps like the reason for some of the people for being murdered) but these are minor issues that don’t make the plot crashing. 

The cast is amazing: Ed Harris, Tilda Swinton (who I really love!), John Hurt, Chris Evans just for the top of the cast. They are a great casting for this movie. Every one of them gives a great personality to his or her character. 

One last thing I loved in this movie is the fact that it leaves us with questions (unanswered/ready for interpretation) more that “and they lived happily ever after”.

My vote: 4.5/5

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