Saturday, July 18, 2015

Maybe, I'll come home in the Spring (1971) - Joseph Sargent

Maybe, I'll come home in the Spring - 1971 (US)

I start my first post about a movie with an old old movie form the 70s that came back to my mind recently.

In the 1971 the movie "Maybe, I'll come home in the Spring" was aired in Italy as "Tornero' a primavera". As usual in Italy the title meaning changes even, like this time, if not too much.

I remember watching this movie as a kid after a neighbour's suggestion.
In my memory this was a movie about drug use/abuse and sisters.
It was very interesting watching this again today.
My big surprise is that this movie is not about drugs, but about family and society.
Nonetheless it has some flaws, like the fact that we don't really know why the main character (an amazing Sally Field as Dennie) left and got back, the movie is interesting. There is a critic of the US middle class of the 70s all oriented to have a public image of themselves and ignoring the rest.
I would have preferred seeing more things from Dennie's point of view: we have just the comparisons of her past memories and the present situations.
Considering that this movie was made in the 70s, I think it is a good one that tries to upset some of the wealthy middle class in the USA of its time.

It was nice for me see the old furniture of Dennie's house and the great dresses of the 70s.

It was nice watching it with my today's eyes.
My vote is 3.5/5

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