Monday, October 5, 2015

Tiger Orange - 2014

Tiger Orange - 2014 (US)

The movie opens with a boring expression of one of the characters. 
Don’t make this taking away to this good movie. 
It’s the story of two gay brothers who have a very different approach to life, sex and whatever else. Their differences will drive you all along the movie in painful and funny ways. The family roles and issues are the core of the movie and small town life and mindset are spicing all the drama. 
This is a nice movie that talks about growing up in a small place with your brother being gay as you are. It’s a movie where someone life for the others’ expectations and someone else lives at the exact opposite. It’s nice how the writer mixed up this in a very good way. 
We can see the two very different approaches to life and sex: one very outgoing and very out who doesn’t care what other people think, even if this made him being alone, but he expresses what he feels. The other always puts others’ feeling and perception before every choice of his. Both of them are alone and both of them are facing the daemons of the past. IT’s very good how in the end the bond of the brothers helps both of them to grow up and enter in a new chapter of their lives. 
Good casting: both actors who play the main characters are pretty good at delivering their emotions to the audience. The one playing the conservative brother is amazing at providing the feeling of being uncomfortable with his proper life and choices. Always dressing up and living in the same way. The one playing the outgoing brother is perfect for his part because his beauty and his careless look. Often naked and no caring for others’ reaction. He;s also pretty good on delivering his mood of loneless and 
Ghosts from the past and vintage scenes are the perfect cherry on the top of a good cake. 

one last note. The actor who plays the sexier brother is a former porn star. I am surprised about how good is at acting and I definitely approve his choice of staying in the entertainment industry. 

My vote 4 out of 5 

here's the trailer 

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