Monday, October 5, 2015

Maleficient - 2014

Maleficient - 2014 (US)

I started watching this movie expecting a kids’ tale about white snow in a “once upon a time-sow” dress. I was wrong. 
The movie is an extension of the Disney’s "White Snow”, but way more things are explained here. There the origin of the evil witch and a very interesting epilogue about how the whole situations are resolved. 
It’s still a tale, but I like that it explains that there are causes and consequences on both sides of a war or a dispute and that they are both right and wrong, good and evil. 
The movie flows pretty well, using action scenes as well as funny moments and drama. There is a lot of action on blue screens, but the story is what makes through the end and keeps you there watching what's next. The castle is amazingly the one of the Disney movie and it’s very interesting how they re-imagined the magic realm where Maleficent is the sovereign. 
I like that you can read from this movie that no one is the bad one and the responsibilities for the choices are shared by everyone. They are all victims of the big evils that are power and greed,  and also vengeance. 
The dark setting is really great and many things are reproduced from the Disney’s movie. They did a great adaptation adding a new part of the story in a very good way.
Angelina Jolie, that I generally don’t appreciate much, is simply GREAT! .. she IS Maleficent and I can’t see someone more perfect for the role. She has the movie in her hands and her acting is extremely good. Her evil smile is nothing but great. 
Great casting also for fairies, white snow and the kings. They are very credible in their parts.

My vote 4 out of 5  

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