Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The martians - 2015

The Martians - 2015 (US)

How can you act like superman without being superman?
How can you deal with a terrible situation being human and credible?

This movie shows this in an amazing way.
The first approach to the scene is on Mars: the movie shows you wonderful landscape of what probably is living on Mars. I watched an exposition where they used images of the pathfinder and the result was very close to the one I can see here. Good job!
The costumes and scene were both amazing: not too far from what is possible or available today.
The only thing that is barely credible is how he could be healthy after the big incident happened at the beginning of the movie and not being sick for part of the first days.
This movie shows very well how sticking to the good news and not ceasing to the dark side of the situation creates miracles. This is fiction, but the approach they showed on the screen is amazing.
Matt Damon is great at his role and portraits a powerful character that is very strong and also pretty human.
Interesting all the politics and the dynamics on earth: a real mix of costs, emotions, resources and efforts.
The emotional part of the movie is finally not ruining the story: no one of the character goes in emotional loops that create a lot of silly situations, as seen many times in other movies like this one. I appreciate that this side of the story was pretty balanced.

The soundtrack is simply great! I love old stuff from the 70s and the 80s so I was delighted of all the music there. By the way, stay for the end title ... a good music track will be there that is also perfect in that very moment.

There are a few things difficult to believe (related to the production of what is needed to go on) because I didn't see any real planning for the resources needed there or that a plastic wrap can be good and enough in the situation where it was used to recover from an incident, but I can close one eye on them: the story is not about technicality, but about approach.

The story is credible and powerful.
I went out of the theatre happy to see that a movie is about a good approach to life (concentrate on the positive and on what it CAN be done), a mindfulness approach to a difficult situation (break down a big issue in smaller pieces), powerful images and great music.

Great casting for this movie: most of the actors are perfect for their part. Jeff Daniels is an amazing political chief in charge and he takes difficult and scary decisions.
Matt Damon is great and believable.
The aerodynamics geek is very close to a real one.

My vote: 4/5

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