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Weekend - 2013

Weekend (UK) - 2013

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This movie is a hidden gem. 
Finally a movie where dialogues and acting are the very center of the movie itself. This for me is delightful.
The movie is about a connection as well as a love that starts around the time of a weekend. One guy lives a normal life with a normal job and he lives his life alone. 
A few straight friends with family and kids. 
He doesn’t share his life, the emotional one, with his straight friends. Possibly because “they couldn’t understand” or possibly because “they are not interested”. …just an assumption by the way.
It’s a classic compartmentalized life of a gay man integrated and not so much. He questions himself, his life, but staying at the window and not going completely into it. 
When he met the “other” guy, after the sparkle of lust and sex, something weird starts. The other guy is an artist, a guy who questions and provoke almost anything and everyone. 
The artist asks him to share his thoughts about the approach and the attraction towards the artist himself, as part of a project he’s conducting for his art. This starts a very interesting set of discussions that start breaking apart his life and he does the same in a little part for the artist. 
Their discussions are the centre of the movie, where we can see two men going through their life, personality, to merge and share their views and approach to life, sex, goals, childhood and more and getting both enriched by this weird back and forth of dialogues, sex, pot and nudity. 
The director puts some sex scenes, both of the main character alone and with his mate. In my opinion, the use he does of the sex is amazing because it’s natural, it’s part of what happens in everyday life and this makes you, the watcher, and the two guys who are sharing the sex together in the same scene and emotions. It’s not what makes the movie appealing or interesting, but what talks about another aspect of the connection. 
The problem of the plot is that the artist is going away for a big period of time to study in US and this will bring him abroad. What started as a simple sex is now more than that and the connection puts the two guys in trouble with the leave that is supposed to happen and the end of the weekend. 

Another thing I loved when I saw it is the main character not sharing his big concerns with his straight friends. It’s good that the straight friend questions the main character on this topic. This makes the connection they have finally deeper and the “gay guy” can see that his sex and emotional life related to men is something that is worth to share and not an inconvenience that should be uninteresting. This is a very good point that many gay guys are falling into. It was showed very well in the movie. 

The other good thing that I saw in the movie is the power of the art to transform, impress and destroy the status quo. I love this and I think that this is the deepest aspect that art has no matter what the media is. 

The movie is shot in apartment locations as well as in some public places. The whole locations gave me a nice taste of the normal everyday life that the main character lives. 
The care for many details of the movie, life the furniture of the main’s character apartment or the great bike he rides are well done. They talk about him very well. 

The main actor, Tim Cullen,  is a straight man in the real life and his portrait of this gay man is impressive. The scenes where he kisses his mate are very passionate and he did a great job on giving life to this character. The other actors are pretty good themselves as well. The artist is portrayed by Chris New, a great actor who really looks and acts like the pain in the ass artist the character is. They create situations that look very real. 

In the end this is a great movie that left me good emotions, interesting thoughts and giveaways and I could sympathize with the characters. 
A pretty good movie. 

My vote: 4.5/5

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