Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Eating Out - 2004

Eating Out - 2004 (US)

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A nice comedy with gay drama, and funny stuff. 

I watched this movie because Netflix suggested it and it was fun. 

The story is mostly a group of gay men, fag-hag, (ex)partners and stereotype all messing around together for a comedy where being gay is the center of it. 
It’s a mix of teen movie, high school movie, coming out to family and dive in the sea of stereotypes. 

The main story goes around the dynamic I love him who loves you and one of them pretends to be gay to hit on a girl. 
The story flows smoothly and made me laugh. 
Not much to think about stuff that emerges in the plot,as I generally like, but it’s a nice comedy for a relaxing time on tv. 

My vote. 2.5/5

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